Women’s Day of Prayer
By Crisofel M. Abayan
SULADS Area Supervisor, Philippines

April, 2016

The Malinawon women were very excited when I announced that there will be a big event that were going to celebrate. That event was the “International Women’s  Day of Prayer 2016”. This was the first time for any of the women in Malinawon SDA church to experience this kind of activity. Though we arrived late to celebrate this activity, still God gave us good health and good weather.  The activity started with Sabbath School and lasted until the Youth meeting in the afternoon.  I thanked God because the women happily accepted their parts for the whole Sabbath day. We thanked God because this event inspired us so much. We were especially pleased with the key text that is found in Jeremiah 33:3 that says, “Call unto me and I will answer thee and show great and mighty things which thou knowest not.”  

 “Apo Bahe” means grandmother. I am not mentioning the real name to show respect to their culture.  She is the oldest member in the group. She is not yet baptized but regularly attends midweek and vespers meeting.  Also she keeps Sabbath as the rest day. At present she is in the process of decision making because of her situation.  She is one of the wives of Datu Toos, one of the Datus or tribal leader in Malahinte village.  According to her, she doesn’t want to go back to live with Datu Toos. She decided to stay in Malinawon. The pictures above show how happy she was during our activity. She danced and sang because of the happiness she felt inside. She was also so thankful to the Lord that she was able to come back to her homeland.  Apo Bahe is a very kind woman and I know soon she will accept Jesus as her personal Savior.

After the breakfast, we cooked rice porrage and pancakes for the children in Malinawon. Because God is so great, we were able to feed all the people in the Malinawon. This was a miracle God gave us because we did not expect to feed all of them. After a while somebody told us that almost all of the people were able to eat their lunch,. Praise God for this.

All of us were greatly inspired. Because of the  success of this activity we bring glory to HIM.
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